We offer precisely produced profiled CBN grinding wheels meeting highest quality standards only. Thanks for the huge experience we succeeded to create such CBN wheels, which have very long working life and also acquire perfect band saw teeth finish. With our products it is possible to achieve superior results.
We can supply CBN band saw grinding wheels which would correspond to any band saw You are working with. So it does not matter from which producer You buy Your band saws from, we will create the CBN band saw grinding wheels which will perfectly fit the profile of Your saw.
Below is the list of mostly used CBN sharpening wheel profiles are for band saws of following producers, which we are ready to supply.
If you cannot find the producer profile in the list below, please contact us by email or fill the contact form here so we would be able to offer you required wheel.
We can offer mostly used profiles:
Dakin-Flathers Ripper37 (22mm , 19mm)
Dakin-Flathers Ripper37 7 degree
Dakin-Flathers Ripper37 deep 7
Timber Wolf
Wood-Mizer 7/32
Wood-Mizer 7/39,5
Wood-Mizer 7/34
Wood-Mizer 9/29
Wood-Mizer 10/30
Wood-Mizer 13/29
Wood-Mizer 10/30 (1 1/8“ – 28,6mm)
Wood-Mizer Vortex
Lenox Woodmaster C
Lenox Woodmaster (1“ – 25,4mm )
Munkfors 1 (1" - 25,4mm)
MK Morse 1,14 TPI
MK Morse 1,3 TPI
MK Morse 1 TPI
MK Morse 2 TPI
and others...