First of all, please do not use this wheel dry. Use plenty of water. Failure to do so will cause damage to the wheel.

These wheels are manufactured with aggressive resin bond, resulting in rough texture with sharp points. They require a break-in period prior to working on cabs or other jewelry pieces. To break-in your wheel, sand and polish a large piece of agate (or something else that is in-between 8-9 on a hardness scale) to remove excess resin bond that contains protruding diamonds and smooth down all sharp points. Using these wheels without breaking them in can cause a scratchy finish. Make sure the piece of agate or other material you are using to break-in your wheel is of no value to you.

Use a piece of agate with a smooth face and a square or rough straight edge on one side (use the rough edge to knock off the very tops of the peaks only). Use the agate with plenty of water to run the wheel in.

Don't try to smooth the wheel entirely as this will ware the wheel excessively. AVOID PLACING SHARP EDGED OF STONE ONTO THE WHEELS AS THIS WILL STRIP THE RESIN RIGHT OFF.

While cabbing, use adequate pressure with these wheels to eliminate flat spots left by hard grinding wheels. The foam backing absorbs pressure and provides a cushion so the wheel can conform to your stone.

These wheels last few times longer than regular soft wheels, so please try to break it in correctly so you have perfectly working wheel. Have a good luck.