The variety of chain sharpening wheels for DINASAW sharpeners

For this type of wheels for DINASAW machines, we usually offer wheels for:

CBN (ABN) wheels - for Steel chainsaw sharpening

Diamond wheels - for Carbide tipped chainsaw sharpening

We can offer wheels according to your specified requirements, so if you need specially designed wheel for you, please email us, or fill the contact form here.

Pitch/ Wheel thickness

You should choose correct thickness wheel according to your chainsaw chain pitch. Your chainsaw pitch should be written on the chain box. If you need any kind of information or advice, please contact us.

When choosing the correct wheel, you should know the pitch of your chain. So please choose required thickness wheel.

Wheels to grind chain saw rakers are also available.


Which wheel to choose: diamond or CBN

If you are sharpening steel chain - CBN wheel is the correct choice.

If you are sharpening carbide tipped chain - you should choose diamond wheel. Please have in mind, you cannot use CBN wheel on carbide tipped chain. Never use diamond wheel on steel chain as well.

Wheel outside diameter and bore diameter

Grinding wheels for DINASAW chainsaw chain sharpening machines come in following diameters 5 3/4" (~145 mm). For DINASAW band saw grinding machines diamond and CBN wheels are offered in diameter 5" (127mm). If you need other diameter please inquire and we will offer it for you.

Bore diameter is 7/8" (22,23 mm) for chainsaw grinding wheels.

Bore diameter is 7/16" (11,11 mm) for band saw grinding wheels.

Maintenance of the wheel

The wheel does not need to be cleaned in the normal conditions. 

If you need any help or recommendations please contact us at: