8inch (203mm) CBN band saw sharpening wheels

We offer precisely produced full saw profile CBN grinding wheels meeting highest quality standards only. Thanks for the huge experience we succeeded to create such CBN wheels, which have very long working life and also acquire perfect band saw teeth finish. 


Main advantages of our CBN band saw sharpening wheels:

Very long tool life

Provide excellent ground teeth surface

Eliminates micro cracks in the band saw

Grind your blades smoothly, making blade life longer

Perfectly matches your band saw teeth profile

Perfect grit size mixture - but we also can offer with your required grit size

Can be produced according to your band saw blade


Mostly used CBN wheels are listed below. If you cannot find the wheel which you are looking for, please email us or fill the contact form here.


If You are searching for reliable, heavy-duty electroplated CBN sharpening wheel, contact us right now or place order in our e-shop.

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